25. jan, 2016

By Kaypacha

Purification: the act or an instance of purifying or of being purified. (Merriam-Webster)

  1. To make pure; free from anything that debases, pollutes, adulterates, or contaminates.
  2. To free from foreign, extraneous, or objectionable elements.
  3. To free from guilt or evil.
  4. To clear or purge.
  5. To make clean for ceremonial or ritual use.

We can all recognize these definitions as describing Jupiter’s transit through Virgo (8/15 – 9/16) accompanied by the Moon’s north node (11/15 – 5/17).  However, it requires further investigation to determine exactly what pollutants, contaminants, foreign, extraneous, objectionable, or evil elements are being, or need to be, purged through these transits.  While it is ultimately up to each individual to decide this for themselves according to their own soul history and life intentions, there are other astrological indications that we can use to see what lies within the collective (un)consciousness that is now emerging to be seen and “purified.”

Though this article will primarily address these Virgo placements, which oppose Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, and square Saturn in Sagittarius, it is also necessary to consider larger evolutionary cycles to more clearly understand the nature of evil in our times.    As volumes could be written on the nature of evil alone, I will reduce my definition of evil to that which seeks to inhibit, destroy, or limit the expansion of human awareness, evolution of consciousness, and the manifestation/realization of Love as the basis, source, meaning, and intention of Life.  This definition presupposes the unity of all life within a larger, spiritual, mystical context.

The first of the larger cycles we need to include in our study is our emergence out of 6,500 years of male dominated, patriarchal, socio-cultural-religious conditioning.  This conditioning, while playing its role in the evolution of consciousness on our planet, can now be seen as a refuge of evil when taken beyond its appropriate, time based, purpose, which is now nearing completion.  That the masculine force which individualizes, separates, illuminates, defines, controls, organizes, and clarifies has been actively contributing to our collective growth, its lopsided, extreme, immature and/or biased interpretations have been, and are, the cause of great pain, sorrow, and misfortune for our forbearers, ourselves, and our offspring.  

Among many other distortions, this conditioning has perpetrated a division in the hearts and minds of humanity between Spirit and Matter, the soul and the body, Father Sky and Mother Earth.  This blindness has allowed the misuse, abuse, refuse, and destruction of all things physical including, but not limited to, our environment, other species, our food, bodies, and sexual nature.  It has generated the creation of manmade laws and religions that are not in alignment with, and do not support the greatness, beauty, harmony, rights, and potential of the human spirit.

Secondly, we are currently emerging out of the 2000 year Age of Pisces, which has existed within, and therefore been effected and limited by, patriarchal interpretations of reality.   The transits of Neptune (4/11 – 4/25), Chiron (2/11 – 4/18) and the south node of the Moon (11/15 – 5/17), reflect the universe healing, cleansing, finishing, and completing this Age, while setting the stage for, and initiating the Age of Aquarius.  These three aspects each have their own wisdom to share with us that is beyond the scope of this article, and therefore needs to be reduced, albeit regrettably, to keywords.

To me, Neptune “spiritualizes” whatever it aspects within the natal chart, by progression, or by transit (in this case Pisces for 14 years).  By this I mean it refines, sensitizes, and expands the element beyond the world of the physical senses of perception and invites the intangible, ethereal, subtle, irrational, unexplainable, chaotic, multidimensional forces of imagination, inspiration, hope, selflessness, and love, with all of its’ attributes, into the existing reality.  This, of course, causes great confusion to the existing egoic order and structure, which can produce fear and insecurity, manifesting in paranoia, denial, avoidance, and escapism through all forms of addictive behavior.  One outcome of this transit can be the purifying (or purging) of manmade religions that foster a division between the tangible world of the senses and the intangible world of the Spirit, thus bridging, or validating the constant interweaving between the seen and unseen worlds.

Chiron, the “wounded healer,” (transiting Pisces for 7 years), is a further indication of the cleansing and clearing required for healing, now taking place within the collective unconscious of humanity.  This purifying process relates to this time period as being one of exposing, feeling, admitting, and experiencing our illusions, delusions, self-deceit, neurotic and psychotic forms of behavior that sabotage our own and other’s joy, happiness, and fulfillment.   Only through the awareness and acceptance of our reality as it exists can true forgiveness, understanding, union, and love be fostered.  During this period there can be extreme bouts of depression and despair as we come face to face with the inner demons, innocent assumptions, and simple BS that has been unconsciously running our lives and is in need of purification.

The transiting south node of the Moon represents the “path of least resistance,” where we need to wake up to old, outworn patterns and psychic structures so as to heal or remove them in order for our evolution to proceed.   The fact that the south node will be in Pisces for the entire year of 2016 serves to underscore the necessity of processing, purging, and intentionally clearing out the deep inner recesses of our psyche rather than falling asleep to, ignoring, or denying them through “numbing out,” habitual, addictive behaviors.   Pisces is naturally passive, accepting, and flowing, which, during this year, needs to be consciously balanced with active, alert, initiative, lest it degenerate into naïve, ignorant, laziness leading directly to victimization.  Indeed, the emerging Age of Aquarius is about putting an end to victim consciousness which has been debasing, polluting, adulterating, and contaminating our ability as a species to manifest our creative genius.

As the transiting north node of the Moon points like an arrow in the direction of soul evolution, however challenging, its passage through Virgo, accompanied by Jupiter (in opposition to both Chiron and Neptune) offers us key insights about what to cultivate within ourselves, and how to evolve and express our unconscious soul intentions this year.   Virgo is about discerning and discriminating between that which is healthy, necessary, vital, and relevant, and that which is unhealthy, unnecessary, devitalizing, and irrelevant for the maximum health of our bodies, hearts, minds, spirit and relationships.  During this year, our physical bodies and the physical world itself will be giving us signals, at times through critical or emergency situations, of what is sustainable and what is not.  They will be pressuring us, pushing us, breaking down on us, and demanding our attention, focus, time, and energy, to either purge and cleanse what is ailing, or strengthen build, and foster what is healthy and working.

The opposition of these planets in these signs represents the tension created within the psyche between the poles of actively attending to our physical situation and passively surrendering to what is and seeking peace outside it.  As our environment places more and more demands upon us, like a stringed instrument that needs to be perfectly tuned, we may become exhausted, feel inadequate to the task, and give up on ourselves, our relationships, our ideals, and perfect goals of behavior, preferring to simply escape.  “Should I stay or should I go?”  “Fight or Flight?” “Try harder or give up?”  “When is enough, enough?”  “How bad do I want this, or just how important is this really?” are some of the questions we all will face this year as conditions require additional effort to sustain and develop.  The tension created by the difference between what we know, “see,” intuit, or feel as the highest potential reality and what is going on within and around us will be escalated throughout this year.

This tension can be creatively focused through Saturn in Sagittarius, squaring the Virgo/Pisces axis.  The existential dilemma produced by the divergence between the concept and the precept, what we conceive as possible, and what actually is, can be a motivation to expand our beliefs and seek beyond the known, familiar dogmas, doctrines, solutions, and answers provided by the existing teachers, gurus, and authorities.  Not finding the solutions to our problems in the prescribed, popular, conventional recipes, this year’s crises will force many to go outside and beyond what they have been taught should be, or is, important, true, or valuable, to discover new laws of nature, new relationships between previously unrelated phenomena, new beliefs and ideals that inspire new solutions that include previously excluded elements, now seen as necessary for the efficient functioning of the whole.

It is interesting to note that Saturn is in a ¾ square to Neptune and soon Chiron, while Jupiter is also in a ¾ square to Saturn.  The ¾ square is, in many ways, a “karmic” period within the cycle when what was sent out in the first ¼ comes back.  It is a time, often precipitated by crisis, when the faults and shortcomings of what has been created become apparent, and that which has been established needs to be transcended, left, or its weaknesses exposed lest it limit, choke, or completely fail to serve the future.  It is a time of truth, of seeing the truth, admitting the truth to ourselves about ourselves, each other, and the world at large so as to cooperatively go about improving it.  Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune reminds us there are “higher,” natural, spiritual laws and powers that take precedence over our personal interests, and that these must be comprehended, heeded, and followed, lest our best efforts lead us nowhere and produce lame results.

We can see this year as the perfect segue into the Age of Aquarius, where as a species we will more consciously engage with our total environment, seen and unseen, planetary and cosmic.  Through the failure of existing beliefs, traditions, “truths,” cultures, governments, economies, and religions, new ones will be conceived and given birth.  While this year holds within it tremendous trials regarding what to believe, who to believe, and how to act in total alignment with our beliefs, it also holds the promise of showing us what is false, unsustainable, and detrimental to our welfare, so that it may be removed, cleansed, purified, or in some cases, destroyed.

This brings us to the 5th definition of “purify,” which is, “to make clean for ceremonial or ritual use.”  Whether it is referred to as “natural selection” or evolution, the potential of the human being is forever expanding, improving, and becoming more powerful.   A key factor in this process is our becoming increasingly aware of our spiritual nature that lives beyond the temporal existence of our bodies, and transcends both time and space to exist within a unified, multidimensional field.  To perceive this field, a pure, tuned, instrument is essential, lest the perceptions become distorted.  In one way, our lives can be seen or experienced as one magnificent ceremony or ritual, giving credence, validity, and glory to the spirit world currently veiled beyond the world of the senses.  May the experiences of this year serve each and every one of us to fine tune our physical, emotional, mental, and astral bodies, that the symphony and harmony of the spheres be reflected and resounded through our lives, radiating the pure love which lies at the heart of, and is the ultimate source of all creation.